Film Festival Flix at SXSW

Film Festival Flix at SXSW

Film Festival Flix at SXSW Cesar Ramirez “The Road to Juarez” ..

SXSW with Cesar Ramirez

About: FILM FESTIVAL FLIX has flipped the old distribution model to accommodate changing times and shifting viewer habits. In past years, distributors have used the internet to drive audiences to theaters. FILM FESTIVAL FLIX is using theatrical openings and a monthly nationwide theatrical premiere series to drive audiences to its virtual studio and distribution channels. And it’s working.

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Road To Juarez – Official Movie Trailer

Road To Juarez – Official Movie Trailer


Inspired by true events, William Forsythe (“The Bronx Bull”) plays a cunning ex-con with ties to the Mexican underworld who ensnares best friends, Walter Perez (“The Avengers”)

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