Chub / Movie

Chub / Movie

CHUB is an inspiring short film about a bullied kid who finally finds the strength to stand up for himself and get his stolen bike back. It’s a story about an unlikely friendship, compassion and courage.

chub-movie-250Stars: Jovan Armand, Yeniffer Behrens, Aaron Berger

CHUB is a coming of age story about an overweight 13 year-old boy, Chub, who lives a life of isolation that revolves around his obsessions with food. Despite his size, Chub’s pretty invisible in a crowd, which is just the way he likes it… under the radar at school. But everything changes when the school bully, Vic, steals Chub’s bike and targets him as his next victim. In the plight to get his bike back, Chub forms an unlikely friendship with the school rebel, Steph—who’s own reputation was ruined by Vic and a sex photo gone viral—setting him on a course that will transform his life forever. This is a story about friendship, compassion and finding the courage to speak your truth. It’s about the difference it can make if just one person believes in you, and you learn to believe in yourself.

At its core, CHUB is a story of acceptance and compassion. Through their unlikely friendship, Chub and Steph are able to find a common ground. As their compassion for each other grows, the teens are finally able to confront and triumph over their greatest fears and obstacles.

Ending bullying is a mission rooted in common experience. Everyone can relate to feeling powerless over a situation at some point in life. Our hope is that CHUB will inspire people to think about the difference they can make if they are willing to set aside their perceived differences and reach out, especially to someone they may have previously judged. A small act of kindness can truly create miracles…

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Romina Peniche / Actress

Romina Peniche / Actress


My name is Romina Peniche and I was born and raised in Mexico City. I come from a family of well known actors and I have always been involve in acting since I was a kid so I absolutely adore it! But I also train very hard with some great

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