Adal Ramones / Actor

Adal Ramones / Actor

Adalberto Javier Ramones Martínez (born December 3, 1961) is a Mexican television show host and comedian who is known for his comments on Mexican and international social life. Ramones was the host of a popular Mexican television show, Otro Rollo, which was produced by Televisa and televised in 53 other countries, including the United States, where the show was transmitted by Univision.

As an actor
1999 – “Stuart Little” (Spanish voice of Stuart Little)
2001 – Cats & Dogs (Lou’s Spanish Voice)
2002 – El Gran Carnal (as Plutarco Urquidi)
2002 – El Gran Carnal 2 (as Tizok)
2002 – “Stuart Little 2” (Spanish voice of Stuart Little)
2003 – Amor real (as a circus owner)
2004 – Puños rosas (as Álvaro)
2004 – Santos peregrinos (as Nicandro)
2005 – 3 episodes of Bajo el mismo techo (as Gerry)
2006 – “Los Productores” (as Leo Bloom)
2007 – “Y Ahora Qué Hago?” (as himself)
2009 – “Martin al Amanecer” (Martin)
2010 – ( Pocoyo ) Narator
2011 – Saving Private Perez (as Benito Garcia)

Adal Ramones Starring In Road To Juarez IMDb //

As a host
1995 – 2007 Otro rollo con: Adal Ramones
2000 – No contaban con mi astucia
2003 – La pesera del amor
2003 – Nuestra Navidad 2003
2004 – Premio lo Nuestro a la música Latina 2004
2005 – Otro rollo… Historia en diez
2005 – Bailando por un sueño
2006 – Cantando por un sueño
2006 – Los reyes de la pista
2007 – Primer Campeonato Internacional de Baile
2008 – Premios Casandra Dominican Republic
2008 – El Show de los Sueños: Sangre de mi Sangre
2011 – present La Vida es Mejor Cantando

Chub / Movie

Chub / Movie


CHUB is an inspiring short film about a bullied kid who finally finds the strength to stand up for himself and get his stolen bike back. It’s a story about an unlikely friendship, compassion and courage.

Oaxaca Film Festival Cineteca National of Mexico RTJ - Behind The Scene Golden Ticket Winners

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