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  • Adal Ramones / Golden Ticket – Austin TX

    Adal Ramones / Golden Ticket – Austin TX

    La Fiesta  es un formato desarrollado en México con mucho éxito. Presentando una animada mezcla de ritmos y géneros. Desde el tradicional mariachi, pasando por la banda, norteño y las novedades regionales que le dan un toque amable y diferente... Full story
  • Golden Ticket Purchase

    With this golden ticket you can win the following:

    * Autographed copy of the Blue ray or DVD * VIP Tickets to go to the premier (LA/Austin) * ADMISSION to attend premiere (after premiere screenings) * Get the TOTAL EXPERIENCE of being on a movie set with a walk on roll Guarantee on the next MARC Production Enterprise's film! Full story
  • Adal Ramones / Actor

    Adal Ramones / Actor

    Adalberto Javier Ramones Martínez (born December 3, 1961) is a Mexican television show host and comedian who is known for his comments on Mexican and international social life. Ramones was the host of a popular Mexican television Full story
  • Yahoo! en Espanol – Road To Juarez

    Yahoo! en Espanol – Road To Juarez

    Dale play a Yahoo! HOY para que veas el momento en que Taylor Swift pierde el control gracias a Justin Timberlake. Además, Whoopi Goldberg se declara a favor del uso pediátrico de la marihuana. Full story
Cineteca National of Mexico

Cineteca National of Mexico


We are honored to be presenting Road to Juarez at the Cineteca National of Mexico this October 18th at 6 pm. I hope to see you there. Also check the following TV shows on Thursday and Friday we will be having exclusive interviews at this TV channels and Shows.

Oaxaca Film Festival Cineteca National of Mexico RTJ - Behind The Scene Golden Ticket Winners

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