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  • Adal Ramones / Golden Ticket – Austin TX

    Adal Ramones / Golden Ticket – Austin TX

    La Fiesta  es un formato desarrollado en México con mucho éxito. Presentando una animada mezcla de ritmos y géneros. Desde el tradicional mariachi, pasando por la banda, norteño y las novedades regionales que le dan un toque amable y diferente... Full story
  • Golden Ticket Purchase

    Golden Ticket Purchase

    With this golden ticket you can win the following:

    * Autographed copy of the Blue ray or DVD * VIP Tickets to go to the premier (LA/Austin) * ADMISSION to attend premiere (after premiere screenings) * Get the TOTAL EXPERIENCE of being on a movie set with a walk on roll Guarantee on the next MARC Production Enterprise's film! Full story
  • Adal Ramones / Actor

    Adal Ramones / Actor

    Adalberto Javier Ramones Martínez (born December 3, 1961) is a Mexican television show host and comedian who is known for his comments on Mexican and international social life. Ramones was the host of a popular Mexican television Full story
  • Yahoo! en Espanol – Road To Juarez

    Yahoo! en Espanol – Road To Juarez

    Dale play a Yahoo! HOY para que veas el momento en que Taylor Swift pierde el control gracias a Justin Timberlake. Además, Whoopi Goldberg se declara a favor del uso pediátrico de la marihuana. Full story
Oaxaca Film Festival 2013

Oaxaca Film Festival 2013


Road To Juarez Official Selection 2013 For Oaxaca Film Festival: About the Festival: The Oaxaca FilmFest is an eight-days long film festival held each September in the colonial Mexican city of Oaxaca since 2010.

Oaxaca Film Festival Cineteca National of Mexico RTJ - Behind The Scene Golden Ticket Winners

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